God is Calling - Come Home

God is Calling - Come Home


For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

                              Matthew 18:20



     Summer officially begins on June 21, 2019! For parents, it is a time of a little less structure, not having to go to as many activities with the children, sleeping in a little later, going on vacation and enjoying the summer, outdoor weather. For the children, it is a time of not having to get up early and go to school. Summer is another gift from God, a season of sunshine, some rain, and beautiful flowers. God's big hug and kiss to us for being His children, whom He loves and is always giving His best!


     Many of you have worked hard, and are looking forward to having leisure time with family and friends, and taking time to be alone and relax. All of these activities are wonderful things to do. I encourage you to spend time outdoors, take vacations - as you are able, spend time with the family and take time for yourself.


     My Faith UCC family - we are so Abundantly Blessed! God has blessed us to come together as a church family to serve, worship and praise Him each Sunday. He has given us a Beautiful church to hold our Sunday services. He has given us each other as One in the Body of Christ - to share our lives with and love each other, and serve and love our neighbors. We are being obedient to God's Word and shining brightly in the world as vessels of His love, grace and mercy.


     I have three requests for You All, this summer. First request - Keep God First in your life, no matter the season. Second request - come to God's House and serve Him this summer, with Praise and Thanksgiving for the many blessings He has given you, is currently giving you and the Abundant blessings that He is going to give you! Praise God that you are blessed to see another summer. Third request - Pray, Pray, Pray and pray some more!


     God loves the assembly of His people! He loves to meet you in His house - Faith UCC, and celebrate with you. When you come to God's House, He is waiting with anticipation for you to spend time with Him, that special, anointed and designated time each Sunday, when we gather to worship God, as a family of believers. Staying connected through fellowship, His Word and praise.


     As Matthew 18:20 tells you, when two or three gather in the name of Jesus, He is there with them. So as you make your plans this summer, include Jesus in your plans to spend part of your Sunday morning with Him and each other. Jesus is always calling - inviting you home for some rest, relaxation, praise and to give you His unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and Joy!


     This week's sermon is - There's No Place Like Home - that's all you get, for now. Now GO - Not Yet! Enjoy your summer! My prayers are with you. You know where Home is - 1020 Walnut Street. See you on Sunday!


Be blessed always,

Pastor Tracey