Bold and Courageous

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
— 2 Timothy 1:7

God commands us in His Word, to be anxious for nothing and to Fear Not. God is in control and worry, anxiety and fear have resolved nothing, but only increase a mindset of more worry, anxiety and fear. He did not give you a Spirit of fear, anxiety, hopelessness and despair but Holy Spirit boldness, power and a peaceful, healthy mind.

This Bible verse - 2 Timothy 1:7, reminds you that Jesus only wants the best for you. He says to cast your cares and burdens upon Him because He can take what you can't handle. Sometimes in life there are no words to explain the heartache and pain that causes you fear and anxiety - mentally and physically. Sometimes the only one you can speak to and know He hears you and knows your heart, is Jesus. God gave you a heart of compassion, love, spiritual power and love. These traits reflect the love of God for you and all of His children, who have accepted Him.

You may be in a storm that the enemy wants you to believe you won't survive. Well, satan is described as a liar and lying is his native tongue, and he is the father of lies (John 8:44). That negative medical report, the family that refuses to forgive and embrace each other as family, confusion and unkindness in the workplace, and your home, is not of God.

The good news is - Jesus gave you the wisdom to not give up but to remember that you have the power and authority of God not to be consumed into a place speaking curses over whatever the situation is. You have the power through the healthy and sound mind God has given you to choose to not allow the situation to define you but promote you to a place of great faith, testimony and victory.

All of your prayers will not be answered in the way you would like but God will always give you that which is in your best interest. God is so Good and He loves you beyond human understanding and words. Never doubt that God is with you and He promises to withhold no good thing from those who Love Him. Now get up - dust yourself off, refuse to live in a place of defeat and remember who you serve, Jesus Christ.

Jesus, has given you everything you need to succeed. Now get about the business of living a joyous, faith filled, fun and blessed life, that Jesus wants to give you. Are you willing to accept the gifts, blessings and love of Jesus? Are you willing to accept the free gifts of salvation, love and peace that only Jesus can give you?


If your answer is Yes - get ready to go on a journey and have a close relationship with Jesus, that will help you to realize that you are stronger than you think. You are a survivor and you are blessed by God with the victory to overcome and defeat any obstacle the enemy tries to use to cause you to stumble and doubt. Keep your faith because it belongs to you, resist the enemy and he must flee and seek Christ for the healing, deliverance and wisdom you need, to know that with Christ and the power He has given you, there is nothing you cannot do, with Jesus by your side. Amen!

Be Blessed always,

Pastor Tracey