Faithsteps Preschool

  • Learning

    We encourage children not only to learn, but also to love learning.  We offer free choice and structured activities as part of each day.

  • Schedules

    Predictable schedules including free play, centers (small group), movement and music (large group), snack and outside time.

  • Academics

    The beginner class focuses on making friends and learning how to socialize.  The PreK class builds on those social skills, but introduces new “academic” skills as well.

  • Children’s Church

    Children attend children’s church one time a week.  Christian basis builds a strong foundation for the future.

  • Ages and Classes

    The beginner’s class is for 3’s and 4’s.  The PreK class is for 4’s and 5’s.  We have low student to teacher ratios.

Preschools in Windsor – Colorado’s best is Faithsteps Christian Preschool

Preschools in Windsor, Colorado strive to be like Faithsteps Christian Preschool. Faithsteps is a non-denominational program that focuses on your child and his or her needs as a special and unique member of God’s family. You’ll appreciate the low student to teacher ratio: one teacher for every nine students. This is outstanding for preschools. In Windsor, Colorado, we are one of the only preschools to offer a faith-based program…a program that wants to be your partner in educating your children.

Faithsteps has been well-established in the Windsor community for 26 years and is for your children ages three through five. Our program has a beginner session for 3-4 year olds, which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Socialization, friendship-building, and becoming comfortable with the routine of school are the learning experiences your young child enjoys. For your older children, Kindergarten readiness is the focus. This session meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The preschool follows the Windsor School District calendar, which will make it easier to coordinate your time with your entire family. In addition to following Windsor’s school calendar, we also use the same age criteria. Children must be 3 or 4 years old by August 15th to be eligible for Faithsteps Christian Preschool in that school year.

Faithsteps leads the way among preschools in Windsor, Colorado. Please call our director, Melissa Thorne, today to ensure your child has a place: (970) 686-7307.



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